Stock markets are manipulated, almost everyone knows that…

… but opinions differ on who and how. Is what you currently know the whole picture, or just a fragment of this complex story?

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Stock markets are manipulated, almost everyone knows that…

… but opinions differ on who and how. Is what you currently know the whole picture, or just a fragment of this complex story?


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The stock market is an organized machinery.

A zero-sum “game” where money moves to the cleverer, better prepared players.

This machinery offers endless possibilities to the participants, yet it crushes the majority. How is this possible?

Only those who are adequately prepared can survive in the long run, achieve success, and live well.

But what do you need to prepare for? What does proper preparation exactly mean, and how do you know if you are prepared?

I delve into these questions and many more in my book.

But what are your chances then?

It’s a valid question that may arise: if the stock market is an organized, intelligent machinery, what are your chances of winning?

The answer is quite a lot. But only if you don’t let yourself be manipulated.

If you are capable of resisting the challenges mentally and emotionally, and if you know exactly what difficulties await you, then the algorithm won’t lead you by the nose and urge you to make bad decisions.

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Sitting on the horse backward

One of the big mistakes I and many others made when we started trading is that we sat on the horse backward.

First, we learned a few techniques, started trading, and only after completely wiping out our accounts a few times did we begin to focus on self-improvement.

The stock market is a tough place, and you can only succeed if you develop yourself. Mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.

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The key = mental preparedness

There are numerous difficulties and challenges awaiting you daily in trading, and if you are not aware of them, you can only rely on luck not to lose all your money.

In my book, I precisely demonstrate what you need to prepare for, how you can prepare, and how you can build the knowledge that allows you to stand against artificial intelligence.

Dive into the book and be one of the few who win in the stock market.

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Behind the book’s cover

If you have delved even a little into the world of stock market courses, educational materials, or books, you have surely experienced the abundance of fraudsters. Many teach trading without any real results behind them, or they specifically falsify the outcomes to make them more attractive.

It’s challenging to be successful in the long run if you lean on the wrong wall while climbing the ladder.

I have experienced this myself. I lost all my money many times before I started focusing on self-improvement, and unfortunately, I took courses from “teachers” that I shouldn’t have. One thing I can assure you is that the book only contains what I use daily in my trading. These are real experiences, not hypotheses put together after reading one or two books.


In this book, Kate does a great job of summarising and detailing things that most books of this kind miss, and it is a big mistake to overlook them. Based on the content of „Armed against AI”, I would recommend this book to people who have experience of the market and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with trading the stock market. While reading the book, it is noticeable that Kata shares the content of the book through her own experiences, making the language of the book easy to understand, and giving the feeling that Kata has also involved us readers in the broken narrative, thus making us relive our own experiences and/or memories with a part, thus making the reading more emotionally memorable. For me, a new podium on my top list has appeared with this book and I’m sure I’ll be picking it up again and again to read it again.


A very honest and fantastic account from a trader, with Kata’s own sense of humour. It is not only for traders, but they will understand the stages one goes through when choosing this career. And she also shows the way for those who want to get rich quick from the stock market…..Spoiler, those who want to get rich quick only need to read a few pages.

It was a fantastic experience! Thank you!

Ficzere Attila (trader)