Wow, I wouldn’t be a motivational trainer these days!

There’s an economic crisis, a financial crisis, a political crisis, an emotional crisis, a crisis of confidence, a social crisis, and all of them are creating panic, which is deepening all of them. Economic, financial, political, emotional… I think I’ve listed them all. If I have left anything out, I solemnly apologise!

If a crisis is prolonged long enough, the downturn leads to a regression, which is called a recession. If the recession is prolonged, it will become an even bigger recession. The consequence is depression as a period, and a depressed person is one who does not try, or if they do, tries feebly.

There are those who think there is already a recession, and others who think it is only just coming. The crisis is undeniable and the panic, which is becoming more and more widespread, is deepening it on a daily basis. More and more people are giving up, more and more people are shutting up, selling out and fleeing for their lives without any particular plan.

Motivation in such an environment, in such a settled atmosphere, is very difficult. The trainers sweat blood for every penny they get. Today, it is not enough to throw a few platitudes to music and the money falls. The trainer now has to trumpet himself hoarse and run miles back and forth on stage for a little money. And when the last motivational trainer’s chin is hanging out, then we know there really is trouble, and we know that there is good in all bad.

In a depressive period, nice dreams become unattainable, or seem that way. It’s hard to believe that if we keep working as we have been, we will soon find ourselves in a state of incredible material abundance, when we see everything falling apart and everyone panicking. And what we cannot believe will not motivate us.

In difficult terrain you have to do more than in easy terrain to make the same progress. This has to be understood and accepted, because reality is harsh. You cannot grow where there is no money, or where the money that is left is allocated to survival needs by hard and fast rules.

Today, growth and expansion are, or will soon be, out of reach for most people. To encourage them to dream boldly and work enthusiastically for great success is irritating and irresponsible.

The key words at this time are optimisation and renewal.

There are always exceptions, empires are born in the greatest crises. The financial world buys up the real economy before the crash and survives. Those who are indispensable to their profession and excel at it will stay afloat. For everyone else, redesign is the homework.

And that’s what motivational trainers have done.

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