What do you need to succeed in the stock market?

It is said that trading is easy. All you have to do is buy low and sell high when everything is soaring. Sounds simple, right? However, often the results you initially expect don’t materialize. What could be the problem?

Everyone has bad streaks sometimes… or do they?!

Knowledge, experience, perseverance, humility.

These are fundamental pillars without which it’s difficult to achieve long-term success in the stock market.

But even if you possess these qualities and have achieved some small successes, why do you feel like something is still missing?

No matter how hard you try, the puzzle just doesn’t come together.

And what do you do about it?

You learn new techniques.

Analyze patterns.

Predict the future.

Yet the real breakthrough is still missing…

Instead of a healthy bank account, the number of sleepless hours, frustration, and stress within you keep growing.

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Don’t worry, most of us have been through these things.

Yes, even me.

That’s why I know that problems won’t disappear on their own.

And surprisingly, doing the same things as before won’t solve them either.

Even if you temporarily cut yourself off, you won’t achieve lasting success.

And it also breaks you mentally.

But deep down, you already know that what you really need is not another tool or the next strategy. You need to fix the basics.

To reach higher goals, collaboration between knowledge and self-awareness is necessary.

You need to decide how to incorporate what you’ve learned into your own opportunities.

How to push your boundaries to leverage your strengths while minimizing weaknesses.

I invite you to embark on this journey of self-discovery with a special solution.

I will help you align your skills with your knowledge so that you can bring out the best in yourself and finally be truly successful.

Because you deserve it.

The solution: self-development

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Different goals require unique solutions instead of templates

As a coach, I work with intelligent, open-minded, and ambitious individuals.

This happens differently with everyone because everyone has different needs and strengths. I don’t follow any templates. I have my own style, and I create personalized development programs for everyone.

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Your success largely depends on your attitude

With me, you’ll get a safe, judgment-free space. You don’t need to prove anything to me, only to yourself.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter who you are. Only who you want to be and what you want to achieve matters.

What matters is your attitude and commitment to the process and your goals. If your determination is real, personal development will be a tremendous help to you.

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Trust in your successful stock market career

Build a higher level of existence from your trading and truly live a free life.

Through coaching, we will tap into the abilities within you that you are currently not giving enough attention and energy. We will create a truly effective plan for you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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My story hasn’t been smooth either…

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My goal is to eliminate mental unpreparedness

I am Kata Balogh, and I got acquainted with the stock market world in 2010. It was then that I realized that stock trading is also a profession, so if someone wants to trade successfully, they have to dedicate years to learning, just like any other profession.

Despite reading books, following the best (or seemingly best) traders, and spending 6-8-10 hours a day staring at the screen… the real breakthrough was missing.

Even though I have had some small successes, I have not been able to get to the stage where I am really free.

Unfortunately, it was only later that I realised that there was something even more important than technical skills: mental preparation.

Only one thing changed between the first and second stages of my life as a trader. My attitude. And if you are open to it, I can help you. So far I’ve helped nearly 300 people achieve their goals. Now you can be next!

I am ready for change! Is the coaching program right for you?

When can I help you?

  • If you already have the basic technical knowledge and the necessary tools.
  • If you feel that the tools should work, but you don’t trust them.
  • If you are experiencing burnout and stress dominates your days.
  • If you struggle to make decisions in certain situations.
  • If you make decisions based solely on emotions because you feel like you’re missing out on the sure thing.
  • If you have suddenly lost significant amounts of money and had difficulty dealing with it.
  • If you feel the pressure of handling other people’s money.
  • If you have a positive and open attitude towards external help.

When can’t we work together?

  • If you don’t have the basic technical knowledge yet (I can recommend someone you can contact regarding this).
  • If you are using the wrong tools, no amount of mental tuning will help.
  • If you feel that no one should tell you what to do because you know better anyway.
  • If you are looking for promises that this method will definitely increase your income by X%.
  • If you don’t want to put in the work and do the homework (yes, you even get allocated time between sessions to practice). We will map out the pattern you are working with. You need to know what you are doing wrong and where there is still room for improvement.

How to get to the next level

We map the pattern you are working from. You need to know what you are doing badly and what you have room for improvement.

We find the mistakes and their real causes. So we will know exactly where to intervene.

We’re transforming the way you work. We’ll develop new, deeper routines and responses to make the process automatic and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The programs usually last for 8 weeks or 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on individual needs.

The sessions are approximately 1.5-2 hours long and are held on a weekly or biweekly basis.

At the end of each session, you will receive homework to complete for the next session. These tasks are mainly technical in nature so that you can try out what you have learned in real situations, which we can then build upon.

While the program is ongoing, I am available to you even between sessions. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

You have the option to attend the training in-person or online (via Zoom).

As the number of available spots is limited, I cannot promise that we can start immediately. After filling out the form, we will discuss the available capacity and proceed accordingly. I’m interested in the Coaching service!

I am interested in the Coaching service!

To start working together, please fill in the form below and I will reply within 1 working day.

If you have any further questions, please contact me by e-mail at kate@tradertrainer.hu or by phone at +36703975992.