The market shows the same characteristics to everyone, however, not everybody trades in the same way

What is the difference between two traders who may trade along the same principles (strategy)? What differentiates ordinary traders from extraordinary ones?


“Mental Edge” is the Key to your success in trading

The term Mental Edge refers to the presence of certain habits and characteristics, meaning an unexploited potential of all people.

Most of the traders know how to trade; however, just a few of them are able to take advantage of it.
The aim of the programme is to demonstrate methods for releasing and managing the potential trapped within you in order to develop the mental edge necessary on the market.


Emotion Management:

 The ability to feel good regardless of external circumstances.


Consistent and precise execution is the key to strategy implementation and consistent profit.


 Trading lifestyle requires a high degree of commitment and outstanding performance.


The ability to concentrate that helps you to eliminate distractions and noises.

Be objective:

Thinking free of preconceptions and judgement is fundamental to successful decision-making.


The world and the markets are constantly changing. Adjusting to change is essential for your survival on the market.

Take your skills to the next level with the Trader Trainer Exchange Academy

My name is Kata Balogh. I have established the Trader Trainer mental exchange academy with the intention of helping traders who already have some experience in stock exchange trading and who decided to make a living from it and who would like to develop a trading lifestyle.

My aim is to let my customers take their trading performance to the next level, maintain their motivation and commitment, as well as to show them how to build the specific way of thinking and attitude necessary for trading.

While confronted by my own limitations in practice, I have discovered that the reasons for failures are almost always the lack of mental preparedness, false convictions, self-inflicted obstacles, negative self-image, and low self-esteem.

“Mental Edge” will lead you to success

My programmes aim to show you the way to this mental edge, allowing you to achieve your goals. Strategy is not the only key to success. There are several other characteristics that can be learned and successfully managed by anyone.

Combined with NLP methodology

These successful mental strategies can easily be described, copied and learned in a short time with NLP Modeling.

It takes professionals several years to develop these strategies; however, you can learn and apply them in a short time.


Take your trading skills to the next level! Choose the most appropriate development strategy and discover the potential within you.

Group activity

This is a practice-oriented mentoring programme, taking 3×2 days. The programme is for those, who consider trading not only a source of income but also a lifestyle and who would like to become independent and financed traders.

Personal development

This is a personalized form of development that indicates very intensive work that is meant primarily for experienced traders. Personal development is the highest level of self-development with guaranteed performance improvement.

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